How To Overcome Doubt and Discouragement

This is a very special video to me. I recorded it on April 20th 2013, when I was having a very tough time in my walk with Christ. I wanted to share it with others to encourage them that I too was struggling with them. Based on what has happened since, and the fact that this was the next video in line to be published and that TODAY is Persis and I's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, this video is SUCH a blessing to me and reminder of Father's A M A Z I N G Faithfulness. I know you will be encouraged by this video to keep going and to keep trusting Christ!



WHY CAN'T I HEAR GOD? When God is silent it can be frightening, especially if we have great need. In this message I'd like to share some reasons from the Bible and from my own journey why God goes silent and how to determine if it's discipline or a blessing. Often times silence is a path the great to blessing.


Waiting for God's Timing

Next to obedience, waiting on God is the most important lesson I have learned about walking with God.  Almost every single spiritual blessing or good thing God wishes to give us will only come as a result of us learning how to patiently wait for God to act in our behalf.  

How to Receive Gods Strength in Your Weakness: Part 4

Ok, after we have watched a good YouTube video or heard a great sermon, What do we practically and ACTUALLY need to do in order to find God's Help?  This message explains EXACTLY what the Bible says on this subject and it also contains an explanation of the most important spiritual discipline that I ever discovered and put into practice.  It was SO effective that without doing it, I'm not sure I would have ever made it.  This one tip could change your spiritual life and walk did MINE!

What is the Real Meaning of Hebrews 6:6?

This passage in Hebrews is highly controversial in some churches and is very often avoided, misunderstood, or even completely twisted by false teaching.  Please listen to this in-depth teaching where we will look at many other Scriptures... 

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How The Worst Evil in Your Life Can Become the Greatest Good

This is a story about how if you give God faith and you wait patiently, He can take the absolute worst things you have been through, are now going through, or soon will go through and turn them into the best things that have ever happened to you.  You may not believe it or feel like that is even possible, but as someone who has suffered a great deal of evil and loss in my life, I can tell you it is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!  I'm sharing this example with you as someone who is IN fiery furnace of affliction, not someone who has escaped it already.  Even though God has not delivered me from the circumstances yet, there is already and abundance of God's grace and fruit coming from it, that would not be so otherwise.

I recently shared in a video that I have been separated from my five beautiful children and have not even seen a picture of them or a letter or any correspondence for over two years. I have not even heard their voices in almost a year.  People have written me to ask WHY I am separated from them and Why have I allowed this to happen?  Here's the first part of the answer.

Can a Christian Commit Suicide and Still Go to Heaven?

Unfortunately, I not only have personal experience with this subject (best friend killed himself in high school) but I also get quite a few inquires about this subject through or my YouTube channel.  There are some rather dramatic suicide prevention stories now associated with my story video.   The latest was a young Christian man named Adam, who was sitting in a parking lot in Ireland writing out a suicide note to his two children and their mother, because he lost everything to his...

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