Bible Secrets for Slaying the Giant of Anger

Dear Michael, I am following your teaching on YouTube and I'm starting to take the John 7:17 Challenge.  As I'm listening to your messages, I feel a growing sense of fear of the Lord but I have been struggling with this anger for several years.  I don't know how to overcome it.  What is your advice on how I can finally get free of this?...

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Jesus Offers One Step to Freedom from Addictions Not Twelve

This is an incredible story of a man that started out as an alcoholic, went through two treatments, only to end up with a sex addiction, and food addiction.  After years of attending 12 step meetings and never finding peace, he had a divine encounter at his local Starbucks that ended up setting him free almost instantly from his 30 years of struggling with addiction.  Anyone who struggles with addiction, and wants proof that you can trust GOD ALONE for Freedom should see this story!