Death By Marriage: What God Hates More Than Divorce

This message explains why the "God Hates Divorce" message is completely out of balance for many Christians trapped in a marriage to an evil spouse.  God hates your being yoked to darkness and ended up spiritually dead, FAR more than He hates divorce.  We are called in Scripture to separate from all darkness.  Listen to this message and gain a better understanding on the Scriptures dealing with staying with or divorcing and unbelieving spouse.

Why God Allows Many Marriages to Fail

Why does God allow so many marriages to end in divorce?  Why didn't God answer my prayers to restore my marriage?  He has some VERY GOOD reasons, but since today's Christians have been taught to idolize marriage and taught that marriage is the answer to all of societies problems, we are missing the GOOD reasons why God refuses to answer so many of our prayers for the restoration of our marriages.

How The Worst Evil in Your Life Can Become the Greatest Good

This is a story about how if you give God faith and you wait patiently, He can take the absolute worst things you have been through, are now going through, or soon will go through and turn them into the best things that have ever happened to you.  You may not believe it or feel like that is even possible, but as someone who has suffered a great deal of evil and loss in my life, I can tell you it is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!  I'm sharing this example with you as someone who is IN fiery furnace of affliction, not someone who has escaped it already.  Even though God has not delivered me from the circumstances yet, there is already and abundance of God's grace and fruit coming from it, that would not be so otherwise.

I recently shared in a video that I have been separated from my five beautiful children and have not even seen a picture of them or a letter or any correspondence for over two years. I have not even heard their voices in almost a year.  People have written me to ask WHY I am separated from them and Why have I allowed this to happen?  Here's the first part of the answer.

Don't Be Surprised if God Runs Off Your Unbelieving Spouse

Many of us are so set in our beliefs about God, that we believe with conviction but we do so in error of the full truth.  Example:  Most of us can't possibly fathom that God Himself would give an evil spirit to someone, but there it is six times in 1 Sam 16, "An evil spirit from the Lord, came upon Saul to torment Him."  This adds another facet to our theology that we may have never heard from the pulpit and it is critical in order to fully understand the ways of God, as given to us in the Bible.

Divorce is another subject that we are often missing the whole truth on. Many people don't realize that the greatest mass divorce in the Bible was ordered by God himself (Ezra 10) because his people were unequally yoking themselves to pagan unbelievers.  Are you in an unequally yolked marriage? Most of us have heard the "God hates divorce" message so much, that it's probably now easier for us to believe God would give someone an evil spirit than it is for us to believe that God Himself might actually cause a divorce. But could it be true?  Could there ever be a good enough reason for God to actually incite a divorce?  If so, why?