How Can I Be Sure I am Saved?

I have been receiving more and more emails from people who desperately want to know how can they know for sure if they are REALLY born again REALLY saved.  I am so blessed by these wise people who are taking a pause to ask this question.  We are called to examine ourselves and to test ourselves to see if the Spirit of Christ is really in us (2 Cor 13:5).

I believe the majority of "Christians" sitting in church today have a relationship with "Christianity", NOT with Jesus Christ.  Unless something changes, that means the majority of people that think they are "saved" are going to be in for a complete shock at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Leonard Ravenhill, A.W. Tozer's best friend, was one of God's true prophets from England. Ravenhill was a fiery and passionate preacher of the true word of God.  During a sermon one night he spoke of having traveled all over the United States preaching, and that he estimated that only 5% of the people sitting in churches in America are truly born again, saved, and going to heaven when Christ comes back.  

I believe this message will be especially helpful to anyone that has ever doubted their salvation or anyone that wishes to be wise enough to do a self-examination before they stand before the Lord.