A Surprising Christian Response to the Homosexual Question

This video addresses several questions about Homosexuality from a Biblical perspective.  

  • How is Homosexuality different from other sins, if any?
  • What do the majority of Homosexuals have in common as it relates to their childhood?
  • What are the implications for America in light of the recent Supreme Court decision?
  • Why does gay marriage receive such large focus from the Church, when only 3% of the population is gay, and yet approximately 68% of men struggle with pornography?
  • What makes homosexuality so scandalous and such an area of concern for Christians?
  • Can Homosexuals be Christians and go to heaven?
  • Are people really born gay or could it be just an ungodly appetite that needs to be managed?
  • Is is possible that Homosexuality stems from a lie about one's sexual identity?
  • How are we to respond to Homosexuals and to the court's decision, as Christians?