Can a Christian Commit Suicide and Still Go to Heaven?

Unfortunately, I not only have personal experience with this subject (best friend killed himself in high school) but I also get quite a few inquires about this subject through or my YouTube channel.  There are some rather dramatic suicide prevention stories now associated with my video story.   The latest was a young Christian man named Adam, who was sitting in a parking lot in Ireland writing out a suicide note to his two children and their mother, because he lost everything to his gambling addiction and he couldn't face the shame anymore.  However, between the place he wrote the letter and the place he was driving to to kill himself, God brought him across my story and stopped the disaster.  Adam reached out to me and I explained much of what I share in this video, to him.

The question still remains; what happens if you kill yourself as a Christian?  There is so much confusion on this subject at the church level and so many different opinions from pastors. There are 7 suicides in the Bible; do they hold any clues as to the outcome?  Are there any real clear answers in the Bible about this difficult subject?  Does God really see suicide as self-murder?  Does His grace really cover suicide or does He see it as a falling away from the faith?  What happens if someone takes their life under the use of some medication and terrible side effects?  I think the Bible is more clear on this subject when we look at multiple scriptures together to get the full picture, but I do not think many pastors are willing to teach in-depth  on this difficult subject because it is such a sensitive subject.  Not only that, but what happens to our loved ones that have committed suicide?  If they don't make it to heaven, how could we ever go to heaven and be happy knowing they didn't make it, if in fact they didn't?  Does the Bible provide any insight on what happens in this situation?  The answer is Yes, I believe it clearly does.  You will hear an explanation on these Scriptures and a few revealing stories that provide additional insight on this difficult subject.  One such story is the story of C.J. McGehee who died at 15 years old of one of the rarest tumors in the world.  Upon his death bed, angels visited and communicated a message to his mother through him, because she was so devastated that she was seriously considering ending her life.