Knowing This Will Overcome Your Fear and Bring Pain Relief in Suffering

When I lost everything, I ran hard after God and discovered these two attributes of His sovereignty that forever changed the impact that suffering had on my mind, my heart and my life. When you understand these two things about God, you will never experience suffering the same way again! Listen in as a explain this teaching to a man who reached out to me in his pain, after losing his job and then having his wife begin pursuing her old high school boyfriend.

Subjects covered:  God working on your behalf, Being left by an unbelieving spouse, Reconciling God's sovereignty with human responsibility, Resting in God's sovereignty, Overcoming fear, God is in control, Believing exactly what God's word says, God chooses us first but we must choose Him back, childlike humility, God gives grace to the humble, God circumcises our hearts, God is with you in the storm, See all suffering coming from God as a tool in his hands to shape you, The devil is a tool in God's hand.