Premarital Sex and Lust in the Life of a Christian

Christians struggling with lust of the eyes, premarital sex, porno addictions, prostitution, affairs, etc.  Many Christians (especially men) are struggling with lust and sexual purity escapes them no matter how hard they try.  They feel alone, defeated, guilty, dirty and shameful. They desperately want to stop but they just can't and most have given up hope.   But there is STILL FREEDOM to be had, for those who will take a different approach!
In this video, I share my own personal struggles and failings in maintaining sexual purity and how exactly Christ finally set me FREE and what I've done to STAY free.  This will help any Christian that is battling for sexual purity.

These are voice recorded messages I made for people, who have reached out for help and advice after seeing my story "TRUSTING GOD IN THE STORM: Losing Everything To Find it ALL" on YouTube.

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