The Secret to Avoiding a Bipolar Christian Walk

Do you ever wonder why one day you can be feeling great and on top of the mountain with God and the next day you can feel as if you are under the mountain. Why does the Christian life seem so Bipolar for some people, while others seem to fly above the problems of life as if on wings of an eagle? Is there a way to live a more consistent, peace and joy filled Christian life or are we ever doomed to be a victim of our circumstances in this life? No, we don't have to be a victim. There is a better way. If Paul and Silas can sing in jail, so can we. If they were more than conquerors in Christ, then so are we. If they could do all things in Christ who strengthened them, than so can we. But for most Christians, including myself for 19 years, they had something we don't. They had a better understanding of the Spiritual life and how to live in the power and grace of the Holy Spirit. They had spiritual maturity and here's how we can too.