The Shocking Day Jesus Told Me He Didn't Know Me

Have you noticed?  Everyone seems to have a died and gone to heaven these days.  Trips to heaven are big business and big money makers, apparently.  I have remained very skeptical and for good reason.  Ironically, even right now at this very moment, my best friend from high-school, Matthew Eldridge is working on the Hollywood movie 90 minutes in heaven. He is the body double for the young Don Piper, as portrayed in the movie by Christian Haydensen.  I even cautioned him about buying into all of this and to be careful, mentioning to Him that Don is said to have claimed in his book that he didn't see God, but then on TV, seven years later he said he did see God

(You can see this at 21:45 seconds into the video.  It should start at the right spot.)  

More importantly because of stories like "Heaven is for real", where even though Burpo was a child, you don't hear any messages of urgency being brought back to a very ungodly world. There is no call to repentance, to holiness or to obedience.  It's all just a giant spectacular and wonderful family reunion that seemingly everyone gets to participate in.  In the movie heaven is for real, Burpo's dad (the pastor) is asked by the lady in the cemetery if he thinks her older son went to heaven?  His answer was not, "Well, did he believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and turn from his sins?"  His answer was, "Do you think God loves my son more than yours?"  In other words, "If he saved Cole, he will save your son."  The problem is that her son was much older, no longer a child who doesn't know the difference between good and evil (Deut 1:39, Isaiah 7:15-16).

Would God be behind a distorted and incomplete salvation message like that?  Would God be willing to have millions of people leave a movie theater concluding, "Oh, I must be good, because God surely loves me as much as He does others, therefore He will save me."  Do you see the deceit behind a message like that?  Sadly, this was a very emotional scene and it was everyone's favorite scene in the movie.  I walked away frustrated because of the lack of truth that people so desperately NEED to hear.

If I were the devil, that may be one of my favorite strategies for a very good deception. Convince people that there are no worries, no need to deal with their sin, no need to fret with holiness, purity of heart and all the repentance junk.  No, none of that stuff is relevant...just that God loves you and heaven is for real, it's spectacular, it's for everyone and it won't cost you anything to get there.  Just go about your business and when you die...don't worry're all going to heaven...even lukewarm Christians.  

If you wanted to see what a true message from heaven might look like, you can read the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Revelation and pay attention to what the messages were from the resurrected Jesus to the church.  There is no warm and fuzzy, "God loves you and can't wait to show you the flowers in heaven that play music" messages in those words.  They are all about REPENT or else!  Who are we going to believe?  

So needless to say, I was skeptical when Claudia from Australia found me online and requested that I listen to her testimony about dying in a car accident and witnessing heaven and hell. That was until she got to the part where Jesus gave her a message.  When I heard what He said to her, I fell to my knees because here was a woman quoting the scariest words that Jesus ever spoke in the New Testament, and she didn't even know they were in the Bible.  This was the real Jesus and a real encounter with heaven, not a counterfeit!   Even more incredible was that just two weeks earlier, I did a long journal entry about my desire to warn people about this very thing!  God sent her to me for a reason.  Listen and see why!