The True Cost and Reward of Finding the Abundant Life in Christ

So many Christians want to experience the victorious, Spirit filled, mature Christian life, but so very few are willing to pay the price of faith, sacrifice, and patience that it requires.  

Would you be willing to spend five years digging for a treasure worth $100,000,000 dollars if it was guaranteed?  What if it was very costly?  Would you be willing to pay the cost of great personal sacrifice and much suffering to finally find it?

What about a spiritual treasure worth far more than a $100M?  Who wants the treasure Jesus Christ promised?  Who wants divine provision for their needs, freedom from sin, freedom from worry, deep contentment, a peace that surpasses all understanding, answered prayers, abundant fruit, and a JOY made complete?

Here is so much needed encouragement and motivation for those who are willing to dig until they hit spiritual pay dirt.