Daddy, I need help: Finding God's Grace When Life Hurts

Suffering comes to us ALL.  When it comes, it crushes some Christians into oblivion and others it seems to chisel into spiritual giants.  Perhaps you're not hurting right now, but you or someone you know will certainly be suffering soon enough and I hope you'll watch this special message so that you can be prepared and encouraged to either stand or to serve.  

If you are a true son or daughter of God, through Christ Jesus, suffering and discipline WILL come from the Father as a guarantee (Heb 12:5-11).  Even Jesus taught that "Everyone will be salted with FIRE." - Mark 9:49.  And, Paul taught that we are appointed to suffer with Christ (Phi 1:29) and that we will only get to participate in Christ's glory when He returns, IF we participate in His sufferings (Rom 8:17).

These are some important lessons I'm learning from suffering and a very special personal illustration about how to find an abundance of Daddy's grace, in our darkest days ahead!