Why God Sometimes Allows Us to Fall into Gross Sin

Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat.
— Jesus (Luke 22:31)

"How did I possibly fall into this nonsense after all the victories?" "How could I have done this...how could I be so stupid?" "What am I, some kind of spiritual idiot?"  "Now I've really blown it, and God will surely look down his nose at me!"  "I just wasted and threw away all the good things that God did for me...I wasted all that time and progress I was making!"  "I have no idea what to do now!"

In today's video I share the story of a very well known Bible character whom God allowed to fall into temptation and sin, for a very good reason.  Not only that, but I share my own personal worst fall ever into sin and the story behind how and WHY God allowed it to happen. If you have fallen, you will be encouraged by this message!