Lasting Victory Over Sexual Sin And Addictions Part 2

This is part 2 of a series of videos explaining the Biblical road map of exactly what a person must do to finally get free or to help someone else get free from the most stubborn of sins and bondage.  

Pornography, Pre-marital sex, masturbation, alcoholism, gambling, drugs, spending money, eating too much food, lying, cheating, bad tempers, gossiping, etc. 

You will hear tragic and heart breaking testimonials from people that have contacted me about how sexual lust and addiction is ruining their lives as Christians.  Then hear the key to GETTING FREE FOREVER, as I explain to one of them exactly HOW TO GET FREE from sin and gain victory or temptation!  

The devil has done a brilliant job of hiding the key to freedom, through false teaching, and poor understanding, or ignorance of God's word and his principles for victorious living.  God is absolutely ABLE to help the weakest of failures and sinners, but we have to know HOW to get his help.  God works and delivers us through HIS WAYS, not OURS!  

If you want freedom, Help is on the way!  If you or someone you know has tried a 100 times to quit your worst sins and still live in failure, be encouraged...Here's EXACTLY what to do to get free with God's help!