How to Learn Things from God that No Man Can Teach You

Just imagine if you wanted to learn more about who I was (what my likes, dislikes, relationship with God, or what my life plans were, etc), but instead of coming to me in person, you went to someone I worked with, or someone that lived up the street from me.  At best, they would have a very limited knowledge of who I am.  They might be able to give you a few pieces of the puzzle, but never the complete picture.  

Therefore, it wouldn't make any sense to go to someone else to learn about me, especially if I was ALWAYS available to speak with you directly, would it?  But, guess what we do when it comes to learning about God?  You guessed it, we primarily and lazily go to men, many of which don't even actually know Him.  They may know a lot about Him and His Bible, but only a few of them seem to ACTUALLY KNOW Him.  When you really know Him, it doesn't take long to listen to someone else and find out if they really know your Father.  

This scenario get's even worse.  Imagine I was a best selling author of my own Biography and I lived next door to you.  You were so interested in learning about me that you read my book almost everyday, but you made little attempt at all, to actually get to know me personally, all while I'm living right next door to you.  Somehow or another you have become satisfied with just knowing ABOUT me, rather than actually knowing me.  You could even memorize my book and know everything there is to know about me and yet still not actually KNOW me.  If we ran into each other somewhere, I could never say I knew you.

Many, many, Christians, including myself for 19 years are missing out on God's very best for our lives because we are not growing up and we are continuing to allow men to do most our learning for us, rather than learning directly from the One who is the subject and creator of all that we want to learn.   Yes, God uses pastors and teachers and prophets to speak and teach and proclaim His word, but the MAJORITY of our learning should be coming from diligent study of God's Word, with dependence on the Holy Spirit, not men.  To allow otherwise, is to miss out on so much!

Think about it, as soon as we have questions about losing our salvation, the rapture, homosexuality, the beast of Revelation 13, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the spirit, grace vs. law, etc, we run to a YouTube video or online source and then we just take their word for it, rather than going back to the Bible and back before God.  Then we wonder why there is SO MUCH confusion and SO MANY different teachings and opinions on EVERYTHING under the sun.  It's is because men are of the dust and have such limited understanding and are so easily given to deception.

We must get back to learning from our Father and from His Holy Spirit! 

1 John 2:27, says if we have received the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we do not need anyone (men) to teach us any longer.

Is God incapable of teaching us directly?  Is His Holy Spirit too proud, or to high up to bend down to teach our simple little feeble minds?  Is there some special secret or some special initiation we have to first go through before we can actually begin learning from God.  

If you want to learn about baking a cake or about changing the oil in your car, there is nothing wrong with you consulting a man (an expert).  However, when you want to know about Spiritual truths and the ways of God, we need to learn how to go to Him first.  Men are certainly used as preachers and teachers and exhorters to correct, instruct, rebuke and encourage us.  However, the Bible teaches that in actuality, men can teach us nothing relating to spiritual matters.  They can create awareness and knowledge, but they cannot give us the deep heart level understanding.  Here is how to learn the deep things from God, that no man of dust can ever teach you.