If God Can Forgive Me, He Can Forgive Anybody

I finally got the chance to redo my friend Steve Benton's story and as it turns out, I can think of no better story to share with you on the first day of the NEW YEAR.  This is a truly unbelievable story about NEW LIFE!  If you have never seen this story, you are in for a treat!

Imagine the most evil man you personally know.  Let's say that he has done ever drug known to man.  He has beat so many people up and put them in the hospital that you can't even count.  The toughest men in the town that he lives in are all afraid of Him.  He has shot someone.  He has kidnapped others.  He has been stabbed, thrown threw a car windshield, fallen off of tall buildings, survived unthinkable recreational vehicle accidents and been airlifted to the hospital more than once...but he still never left his evil ways in spite of the prayer of others.  

Then imagine he catches his whole body on fire one day in a gasoline fire that he set in his own backyard and then no one can put out the fire.  Then imagine that he spends 53 days in the hospital with a less than 15% chance to live and when he finally came out of the induced coma, he tells you that he felt the tangible love of God in the fire and that he was saved by Jesus Christ.  You might think they were nuts until you began to realize that the evil person you used to know, no longer exists and has been replaced by a person of such complete love that you feel like you have never even met them before.  This is a true story about how my friend Steve Benton of New Smyrna Beach, FL who came out of the fire and into the light. This story will blow your mind and as Steve always says, "If God can forgive me, He can forgive ANYBODY!"  Pass on this incredible story of Redemptive Love.  

Imagine if this story could be shown to the homeless men or drug dealers and addicts living on the streets that think they are so tough or so far beyond God's reach.  I have seen a group of grown tough men cry their eyes out when Steve shared his story in person.