When God Finally Broke My Mother's Stubborn Unbelieving Heart Part 1

If you have ever felt the frustration of having family or friends who simply won't come to faith in Christ and who argue with you and persecute you for your faith, you NEED to watch this video.  If you have given up hope on seeing one of your loved one's come to Christ, you really NEED to watch this video.  I don't think you've ever seen an interview quite as raw and revealing on this subject.  Imagine getting a truthful and revealing look into what's really going on in the heart of your unbelieving family member or friend (the things they won't tell you) and how you can best position yourself to see God finally bring them to faith.  That's what's in this video.

My Mother persecuted my faith in Christ for years, to the point of calling it a mental illness.  That was until God FINALLY cracked through her unbelief.  Recently, we sat down and had a very raw interview about the painful journey and what happened that finally brought my Mother, who I had lost all hope for, to finally come to faith in Christ.

Then imagine if they told you exactly what the obstacles were that were preventing them from listening to you about your faith in Jesus Christ. If either of these would interest you, WATCH THIS interview.