01 - FROM THERE TO HERE: A Real Time Journey of Learning to Walk with God

Seven years ago on October 30th 2009, I surrendered everything to Christ.  God was then pleased to begin the process of stripping me of everything I had acquired outside of His will for my life. He then had so much to teach me and so much to "un-teach" me.  Over the first 6 years I recorded nearly 3,000 audio journal entries capturing every detail of how God counseled me, taught me, instructed me, disciplined me, spoke to me, and watched over me during the journey.  I captured my most trying tests of faith, the blackest of dark moments, along with the hundreds of answered prayers and His supernatural providence in my life.  It's has always been my desire to use these recordings to encourage others on their own journey.  Now I'm sharing some of the most important one's with others who will be encouraged to fight the good fight and keep the faith, enduring all the way to the promised land in Christ!  May God bless you as you listen!