The Path to Becoming a SPIRITUAL Man or Woman of God

This is a discussion Persis and I share about the differences between church, religion, traditions of men, programs, external righteousness and that of becoming a true spiritual man or woman of God. They can often look the same on the outside, but on the inside the differences are life and death.


The Proof and Blessing of Tested FAITH

All true Christians will be tested by God, even the faithful ones. Jeremiah declared this truth in Jer 20:12 when he said, "You (LORD) who test the righteous". This video is a story about a time when God tested me in the ministry and it made NO sense at all. Looking back, I can see clearly now what I couldn't see then.


Freedom in Christ Over ALL Addictions and Ungodly Habits

Addictions are masters which enslave you and there are many masters: Cigarette smoking, food, drink, TV, movies, music, entertainment, drugs, pornography, lust, being angry, unforgiveness, shopping, earning money, spending money, cleaning house, maintaining your property, foul language, honoring yourself, looking down on others, and on and on and on. The Bible teaches we must have only One Master in order to receive what God has for us, the Lord Jesus Christ. But how can we serve the One true master when we aren't free from all the others? We can't! That's why we must be set free!


The REWARDS of Obeying God Even When it Doesn't Make Sense

I share these stories with you so you will BELIEVE God and patiently wait for Him.  This is another powerful and undeniable evidence in my life, from four years ago, that you can NEVER go wrong when you OBEY God!  Obeying God is always a sacrifice in the beginning.  This is what tests our faith in Him and proves to Him that we believe Him and want His will over ours.  God's blessings and promises are almost always hidden behind, long periods of waiting, darkness, circumstances in life or even guidance from Him that COMPLETELY contradicts the promises, and persecutions from others for believing the promise.  Today's video is a perfect example of the matchless FAITHFULNESS of our Father in Heaven to His children who follow Him wholeheartedly!

ME and My PERVERTED NIV and The Foolish KJV Only Message

What really is the Best Bible translation?  Is the KJV the ONLY Bible without mistakes and the only one we should be reading?  Is it true that the other translations, especially the NIV, have all been intentionally PERVERTED by the devil to deceive us and prevent us from being saved?  

DOWNLOAD (mentioned in recording) HERE:

ALSO RECOMMENDED:  Seven Things You May Not Know About the KJV Bible:

Here is my personal response against this absolutely FOOLISH controversy which has so many "straining out gnats and swallowing camels" and which also serves to distract so many away from the work of God which is by faith.  

After you listen, please download and read the document called "Me and My Perverted NIV"  In this article, you will see listed the main accusations the KJV ONLY Defenders make against the NIV and then you will see point by point how absolutely shameful and RIDICULOUS these arguments are.  You'll see it's quite embarrassing for the KJV Only Camp, really!  Let him who has ears to hear, hear.


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How To Overcome Doubt and Discouragement

This is a very special video to me. I recorded it on April 20th 2013, when I was having a very tough time in my walk with Christ. I wanted to share it with others to encourage them that I too was struggling with them. Based on what has happened since, and the fact that this was the next video in line to be published and that TODAY is Persis and I's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, this video is SUCH a blessing to me and reminder of Father's A M A Z I N G Faithfulness. I know you will be encouraged by this video to keep going and to keep trusting Christ!



WHY CAN'T I HEAR GOD? When God is silent it can be frightening, especially if we have great need. In this message I'd like to share some reasons from the Bible and from my own journey why God goes silent and how to determine if it's discipline or a blessing. Often times silence is a path the great to blessing.


How Can a LOVING GOD Allow So Much EVIL in the World?

From Classics: Many of us have had moments where we grumble against God and question why he allows such hurtful things to happen in our lives or why there is so much suffering and evil in the world if He is a loving God. In this video, I share an illustration that happened while I was baking oatmeal cookies that helped me put these questions in a better perspective.


When Losing Your Hope and Faith is Good

"I've lost everything...I've lost ALL hope and now I'm LOSING MY FAITH!!!"  Years ago, if I would have received an email like like this, I would have felt such a panicked urgency and concern for the person.  I might have even thought, "Oh, my goodness, I've got to try to help save this person from their despair."  Today, after thousands of emails like this, and after finally understanding God's ways, I have a completely different response.  I see a wonderful opportunity for someone to lose all of their false hope and their false faith and to lose their life to find it.

07 - The Beginning of the End (the night my wife betrayed me)

FROM THERE TO HERE:  A Real Time Journey of Learning to Walk with God by Michael Chriswell of
This story tells the behind the scenes details that led to the collapse of my marriage, family, and the life I was building.   It also shows the Biblical principles of how God was working through it all, for my ultimate good and his glory.

06 - Why God Allows Us to Be Oppressed by Evil People

This is a summary of the backstory to my marriage and divorce story as told in the video "Trusting God in the Storm". In this message I also share why God allows us to be taken into "captivity" and why He allows evil men to oppress us and treat us so harshly. I also discuss the idea of why the details of our "captivity" are not nearly as important as we tend to think they are!

Finding God's Will Requires More Than Finding a Scripture Verse

You are at a major crossroads in your life, or you are needing to make a major and significant decision in your life. You need to know what to do and then your friend quotes a verse to you or you find one that seems to fit exactly the subject your are dealing with. Is that God's will for your situation or could following that verse lead to disaster? It often does, and here's WHY. The Word of God, apart from the Spirit of God, outside the Will of God is actually dead and brings disaster.