Where the Story Continues after Chapter 27...

Indeed, the story continues after chapter 27, but I chose to tell the rest of the story with video and audio that I recorded as it actually happened. In order to continue in the story you should next watch the series called “Trusting God in Crisis”, which is the incredible story of my miraculous divorce after my first wife had and affair and left me as an unbeliever, followed by “Walking with God into the Impossible”, the even more incredible story of my re-marriage in India, followed by the “The Apostate Bride of Christ”, which tells the unthinkable story of how my adorable, God-fearing and loving wife, fell prey to Satan’s lies and attacks on her mind, falling away from her pure and sincere devotion to Jesus Christ over a two and a half year period. She indeed serves as an illustration and warning of the current falling away that is happening in the Bride of Christ.

Ch. 10 Sanctuary with God

This tells the story of an unexpected trip of faith to the Bahamas, to hear God's voice and get clear guidance for my life.