Astonishing Grace to the Chief of All Fools - Ch. 9

Ch. 9 - "God, Why Won't You Give Me Clear Direction?"

The Lord's Gym had collapsed, and everything was now gone.  Six months later, I was desperate to hear from God and needed His guidance with what to do next, but He remained silent.  Then one day when I was begging Him why He wasn't giving me clear guidance, He gave me an answer I will never forget.

Astonishing Grace to the Chief of All Fools - Ch. 8

Chapter 8 - The Single Worst Day of My Entire Life.  

This is the story of what happened the day the Lord's Gym collapsed, and how I ended up on the news each night for an entire week.

Astonishing Grace to the Chief of All Fools - Chapter 3

We will only have peace with God when we, the ones who are afraid of giving up control, submit to Him and allow Him to be in complete control.  Since many of us are so stubborn and stiff necked, refusing to fully submit to the Father of our spirits, He is pleased to use others to break us and bring us to that point.  Just like how the Israelites were in submission to Pharaoh, God will sometimes allow others to have that almost “Pharaoh like” control over our lives until we are so broken that we cry out to Him in total trust and submission.  

Astonishing Grace to the Chief of All Fools - Author's Notes

I just want you to know Michael that I have listened to you, although I have only subscribed for a short time, I want to thank you for your speaking out about your life. It has given me the hope to reach out to Jesus again. May God Bless you and keep you in all that you do.
— Susan Hopkins - YouTube comment
Michael, thank you for being a humble servant of God. I was lost in the world with a successful business years ago but through my own mistakes by addiction to pain meds my life took a turn and the journey began five years ago. God has done so much in my life by taking all these worldly things and pleasures from me and for the first time in my life I felt the presence of God and what he has done and is still doing is simply amazing. Your story and your calling you are truly blessed and I thank you for sharing your life to let the truth be known. God bless your brother.
— James McFetridge Jr - YouTube comment

Astonishing Grace to the Chief of All Fools - Preface

These testimonies are such a blessing and you are ‘boasting in the Lord’ as we are told to do. Thank you for your witness and obedience. It’s like experiencing Yeshuah with skin on! There is hope for me as well. Thank you brother Michael!
— Suzanna A - YouTube comment
Your testimonies and the testimonies of others are so touching. It makes me speechless and praising God all the more. My faith and my whole life has been changed just by these insights!
What a blessing! To God be the Glory!!! Thank You Michael
— Stephanie Watson - YouTube comment