A Long Awaited Arranged Marriage By God

I have some wonderful news to share that I hope blesses you!  

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. Sing to him, sing praise to Him; tell of all his wonderful acts.
— Psalm 105:1-2

Most people don't know this about my story video, but God asked me to start shooting and editing the story long before He actually gave me that wonderful victory and long before He would miraculously end my divorce on the 777th day!  He simply said, "Tell the story of what I have done in your life."  So, I obeyed and began working on the story having NO IDEA what the final outcome would be, or how God would be using it years later to deeply touch and encourage hurting hearts!  

I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe.
— John 14:29

Now God has finally given me permission to share my favorite story ever...the story of my promised wife of noble character!  Praise you Father!  A FIVE and a half year wait is finally over!

I find the easiest way to share it as of right now is to share the excerpts from a letter that I have recently written, below.

Monday February 8th 2016


I have been a full-time Christian worker in the United States for 3 years. I have a small ministry called RELENTLESSHEART.com I help hurting people to find God's help through Biblical teaching, discipleship, and transparent personal insights from my own journey through a difficult wilderness experience and into the abundant spiritual life in Jesus Christ. The foundation of my ministry is my personal story which was made into a one hour documentary called TRUSTING GOD IN THE STORM. It can be viewed online here: http://relentlessheart.com/story The first 2 minutes of the video is a trailer. It is a story of an extraordinary amount of affliction and disaster, followed by an incredible amount of God's redemption, spiritual abundance, and restoration.

A painful part of the story includes the loss of my marriage and my family due in part to infidelity on my wife's part early in the marriage (Mat 19:9), but more so because she eventually left me as an unbelieving spouse (1 Cor 7:15, Tit 1:16, 1 John 2:19). Soon after my spouse divorced me, back in 2010, I began asking the Lord if He would ever provide a godly wife for me to love and to have as a helpmate.  On November 17th 2010, God providentially provided a promise to me that I would indeed be married again, but that I must wait for His very best.

After and intense five and a half year journey of waiting for God to act in my behalf (Isa 64:4), God has recently done more than I could think, ask, or imagine by bringing me the most amazing and godly wife and helpmate that I could ever imagine. 

My desire for a godly wife was so strong that God allowed me to briefly meet a Christian woman back in September of 2012 and unknown to me at the time, He would use her as an “anchor” or “placeholder” of the promise to keep me from being distracted by others. I began praying for a wife like her and was even led to pursue this particular woman. The door opened and then immediately closed. I was confused. God began showing me Psalm 21:2 over and over, but also Isa 64:4. He was telling me that He had granted me the desire of my heart, but that I needed to wait patiently for Him to act in my behalf.  I was never allowed to contact her or pursue her in any way.

The waiting went on for exactly 40 months. I waited, empowered only by the grace of Christ, and it was not easy. There were many temptations to get ahead of God, to choose my own spouse, to allow someone else to play match maker, or to completely give up. I even reached a point where I told the Lord that He was all I needed and that I could just be single for the rest of my life. However, He assured me over and over that He had already given a wife to me, but I just needed to wait to receive her. God used this time to work the Character of Christ deeper and deeper into my heart. It was the most painful and yet most rewarding thing that has ever happened to me.

Through my website and my YouTube channel, I receive a steady stream of people contacting me to find out how to get God's help in a matter. On December 4th 2015. I received a precious email from a  woman named Persis from INDIA.  Her life story and heart for Jesus Christ captured my admiration and respect immediately.

As a child she remembers having a strong desire to be loved.  She had no desire for worldly things or wealth, but she dreamed of one day being loved.  As she grew older she began to realize that the purpose of life to others around her seemed to be nothing more than sleep, eat, work, and die.  She had started reading the Bible as early as seven years old, and deep down in her soul she knew that there had to be more to the life God had given her than what she was experiencing.

Eventually, she left her home and set out on her own, desiring to be independent and to make a life for herself.  An unbeliever of a pagan religion began pursuing her where she worked and she eventually accepted the idea of having a relationship with him.  The relationship turned into a six year wilderness journey of pain, darkness, and complete confusion for her.

Throughout this period, the relationship was on and off again and sometimes months would go by without any contact. He never really showed her any love, but she hoped that he would eventually change and marry her one day.

During this "dead" time of waiting, God opened her eyes to the principle of not being "unequally yoked" with that of unbelievers.  However, even when she met other "Christians", she found them to be very worldly and given to the love of money, lust, pride and lukewarm faith.  As a woman in the pressure of Indian society, she often felt isolated and trapped with no choice.  Over a few of the darkest years she was drawn to seek God in much deeper ways.

In 2012, her boyfriend finally proposed to her, but only on the condition that she would join his pagan religion.  But by this time, she already knew she could not marry him because he was an unbeliever.  They continued on and off in the relationship for a few more years until eventually he asked her to marry in 2015 without her needing to convert to his religion.  But she was still not willing to compromise and would not marry an unbeliever.  Time went on and eventually he gave her an ultimatum to choose him or Jesus.  She chose Jesus and he left her. She began praying fervently for God to open his eyes and save his soul.  She wanted him to come to faith so badly that she began a very long time of prayer and fasting. She was convinced that if she just had enough faith, God would answer her prayer.

By the end of 90 days, she discovered that he had already married someone else.  Even though the relationship had been practically dead for the past two years, this final blow was a crushing reality. She was even more confused that God had not answered her fervent and faithful prayers.  But eventually she trusted that His will is better than her will.  She began to find deeper rest in Christ and asked that he would give her the grace to remain single for the rest of her life and that He would take care of her. 

As she was continuing to learn more about true faith in Christ and God's ways, she came across my teaching videos and then my story.  She was prompted to reach out to me and ask some questions about my journey. This began a rather lengthy email exchange of my encouraging her to believe fully for God's plan and His redemption in her life from all of this.  I assured her that in spite of what she had seen in other "Christian" men in India, that if she continued to delight herself in the Lord that He would in fact give her the desires of her heart.

She explained that there were no godly men around where she lived and that she would not compromise, but would rather be single.  I told her that God had the whole world to work with and NOTHING was impossible for him.  I had absolutely NO IDEA at the time that SHE was the one God had already chosen for me.

I was even prompted to share a few personal journal entries with her about what I had learned while waiting for the future wife that I believed God had already shown me years earlier.  I wanted her to see that I was waiting patiently in faith for a long time, believing God's promises and that she could too.  She was encouraged by the recordings and hoped to see the day that God would in fact unite me to this woman I was waiting for.

However, after only the first email from her, I had felt the Holy Spirit tell me to “cover” this precious sister with extra time and care. I might imagine it was the same way Boaz was prompted to provide extra covering and care for Ruth, when he first met her.  

As I do many other people already, I had begun discipling her via email, videos, and voice recordings. Soon, I realized I was beginning to really admire this young lady more and more because of her exceptional love and sacrificial devotion for Christ.  She had even quit her job in faith to trust God, because it was violating her conscience.  She had a desire to serve the Lord, not to just eat, sleep, work and die as she saw so many around her settling for.  

Nevertheless, I always resisted any idea that a woman contacting me can be anything to me other than my “sister” whom I am to help because I felt I already had been shown the woman who would one day be my wife.

The feelings and admiration for this woman began to grow and would not go away.  I had promised her as her “brother” in Christ that I would never reject her like others had done. However, so that I would not violate my conscious, it came to the point where I needed to tell her that I was now having feelings for her that went beyond her just being my sister. I could not continue to disciple her in good faith with my feelings growing for her in this way.

I was now tormented in my heart about what to do. I deeply apologized to her and told her that I needed to stop speaking with her for a time and to seek the Father's face about what was going on.

I was shocked! As I took time to seek Father's will, He immediately informed me that she was in fact the “Ruth” and “wife of noble character" that He had chosen for me. After much confirmation from the Father, I moved forward in faith and confessed my feelings for her! To my amazement, within just a few days of my separating from her to pray, she was moved to send me an email first to further explain and express her own feelings for me.  I was delighted to discover that the feelings of admiration were very mutual.

What has happened since that time has been nothing short of heavenly! The Father has indeed “arranged” our marriage.  He has taken us the same path of Isaac and Rebekkah.  I asked her to marry me and we agreed to wait for the Father to open the door for us to be together and to actually get married. The visa/immigration process is not easy. God has asked us to move forward in faith and He has blessed us immensely already.  We are now beginning the planning process of being united together as husband and wife.

So far, we feel the best process is for me to fly to India and get married on a tourist visa and then apply for her to immigrate back to the US as a family member.

He who finds a wife finds what it is good and receives favor from the Lord.
— Proverbs 18:22