When God Finally Grants You the Desires of Your Heart

A Redemptive Love and Marriage Story Written by Father.

In 2010 my wife divorced me because I took the call of God on my life seriously to serve Him rather than money.  As she was leaving the marriage she told me that she never really loved me.  I was so convinced that God would open her eyes and she would see what a mistake she had made.  I believed with all the faith in the world that God would turn this divorce around. Soon, God showed me that this would not happen and that I would indeed be divorced. Four months after she left, I was still completely crushed and feeling so lonely.  In tears, I asked God if I would EVER be married again and have a wife to love.  

On Nov 12th 2010 at 5:55 am, I received a supernatural sign and promise from my Father in heaven that I would again be married and have a godly wife to love me.

After FIVE AND A HALF YEARS  of patient endurance and after overcoming much temptation and the devil's distractions, I HAVE INDEED RECEIVED MY WIFE OF NOBLE CHARACTER from my gracious Father!  I am out of words to describe my happiness.  What is the greatest desire of YOUR heart?  My new wife has been the greatest desire of my heart and the greatest thing that God could EVER bless me with!

This is the surprising way it happened...and how you too can receive God's very best for your life by DELIGHTING Yourself in the Lord! (Psalm 37:4)